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The parent education seminar is designed to show parents how to use the Suzuki ā method and philosophy, to train their children as musicians and also as a tool for raising better, more competent, happy, successful children. The vast majority of the problems that Suzuki parents experience are remedied when the concepts that form the foundation for the Suzuki method are more fully understood and utilized throughout the child rearing process.

Teachers will find that parents who hear my seminars are easier to train and more willing to take further parent training. Parents have many responsibilities and can become distracted from their role as a Suzuki parent. Too many parents give up too easily and dismiss the Suzuki experience as just another music method. It takes considerable training for parents to realize the significance of a Suzuki experience to their child‘s life and the many benefits of long term Suzuki study.

One of my goals in the seminars is to get parents excited about their Suzuki experience again.  If they aren’t excited about being Suzuki parents and anxious to practice with their child every day, there is little chance they will succeed. Parental involvement is one of the most unique and powerful aspects of the Suzuki Method.

I also offer a teacher education seminar, which is an opportunity for teachers to hear in detail about my parent education program and enables all teachers to properly prepare their parents to assist their child in learning.

Booking a seminar in your area

If you would like to have a seminar for either Suzuki parents or teachers in your area please fill out the form below. The seminars are easy to run and the parent and teacher registration fees cover the cost of the seminars. A one-day seminar includes a 3-hour seminar for parents in the morning and a 4- hour seminar for teachers in the afternoon.

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